fic | idk there’s some fucking going on here (yooo cocks round 25461534865134865138 with haru)

i can’t think of a title. for aileine. haaaaah i hope this is ok!!! set in the same verse as this au tho you don’t have to read that one first …. anyway ….

this is also for vorpalplatypus who was the witness of a trashy crime a billion inbox letters ago. i’m watchin u

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*SOBS WITH AROUSAL* I CAN’T…..! HOW you manage to caress two of my dearest kinks in one piece!! I forget to breathe every time I reread them changing positions and OH I AM SO GOING to reread it again and again…! And I can’t stop marvelling how skillfully you set up the pace of the fic, how you verbally change the rythm from languid to rapid. It’s so cinematographic! You’re making the summer so much hotter. THANK YOU <3.


[Eruri fic] Reflection


So aileine invaded my brain with her ideas on twitter on caused me to write an eruriwin drabble.
Yes, that’s right, two commanders having fun with our shorty.


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I secretly believe that both Erwins feel what Levi is doing to the other one of them. Sweet mutual double penetration, complete dissolving into each other. I’m so glad I inspired you in a way! Though you were the one to come up with the Levi + Erwin sandwich idea >: B.


première fois | 3/3


part two



levi’s knuckles tightened as he gripped the headboard, pain shooting up his arm as he thrust back on erwin’s hand.

they would be parting soon, both aware of the different paths they would have to tread in order to accomplish their goals, and they had carved out this last bit of time to be together.

"are you sure you don’t want-"

"no. this is about you for now.”

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What means the loss of anything if there’s someone who makes you whole. This fic makes me that sort of happy when it is with suble shade pf sweet sadness that grips your heart and makes you sigh. Thank you once more for letting me feel this, Baccuroth <3.


première fois | 2/3


part one


levi spread his knees as erwin dropped to his, nosing his way up to levi’s groin where he inhaled deeply.

kisses had turned to touches and touches had turned to levi grinding against erwin’s thigh until he came after a long meeting that night. erwin’s breath had been hot in his hair, tongue hot in his mouth, and levi knew they had to fuck.

erwin hummed, pulling levi’s shirt from his slacks and unbuttoning it as he kissed his way up. levi was all lithe muscle and soft skin. erwin wanted to eat him alive, starting from the bottom up.

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Shivering and shuddering, and, oh, Erwin, why don’t you deem yourself worthy of love? You deserve not only to give, but to receive too.


première fois | 1/3


nsfw | everything has a first time


erwin tried to not keep levi on a leash but it was difficult around the elite. they had been kindly invited to the ball - everyone wanted to know about this miracle erwin had found in the underground - and erwin wondered if levi would keep his mouth shut and sealed. he hoped so, at least.

it had been nearly eight months since levi had joined the survey corps and lost his only friends and erwin was still trying to figure him out. levi was solitary but he also seemed to have the need for interaction the way erwin did.

he hoped levi wasn’t being too much of a bother to nile’s wife. when he’d last seen him, levi had been inquiring about the progress of her pregnancy.

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This calm and steady love they share is so simply real. They walk into it and they stay there, and what can be better <:’ ). The way you write these two is deeply reassuring and emotionally satisfying. You write physical detail and it reads feelings. You write feelings and they read life. Thank you for creating this beautiful piece for me <3.





sfw | erwin and levi make a pledge | for aileine

neither man had ever seriously considered marriage. for erwin, it was because he didn’t want to leave a grieving spouse behind; for levi, he had too many bad deeds to make up for to even think of deserving such an intimate companion.

but, somewhere along the way, they found each other. the air had been rank with the smell of sewage and mike’s hand had been rough on the back of levi’s head.

erwin saw someone he could use and levi saw an only way out.

it became so much more than that.

it became long nights of planning and that first kiss that each of them could still taste and that first time when erwin knew he could spend an eternity in hell for all the people he’d sent to their deaths because he had spent a night in paradise.

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If there were a thread bonding two destined persons together, it would cut through time and matter and connect those rings. So the two who wear them are never really apart. Thank you so much for writing this fic! You made me feel all this pain once again T U T.

(Also, ahhh, Erwin, how easy it is to make you happy <3).