ERURI Fanart Appreciation Week - Aileine



Erwin Smith: Borivoje Naumovski [WorldCosplay]
Levi Ackerman: Damien Valtiel [WorldCosplay]

Photo: Mistiqarts [WorldCosplay]

Editing: AVATAR.designs

It doesn’t come off as a really great surprise that we decided to do Aileine twice this week (pun duly intended), as since we discovered each other, she’s been nothing but this amazing inspiration - throwing in some OriSor artworks at us didn’t really help our case ignoring her art. Not like we would anyway!

So we close ERURI, the way we start it, only the lovers represented found their peace. ;)

If this art wasn’t drawn a really long time ago, I’d swear I had you guys in mind while drawing it. I still can’t fully comprehend a miracle of having you in the fandom or, well, in reality even. I mean, how could I dream of two people willingly shooting for an art in which Erwin presses his naked parts to Levi and licks his nape and doing it so MAGNIFICENTLY PERFECTLY? You two turn into reality things we could only imagine and strive to draw somewhat acceptibly. You are precious and inspiring AND HOT. Thank you! T 3T

Now some silly fangirling. Great lighting work: the contrasting shadows, the light reflecting onto Ori’s torso, Damien’s sharp silhouette. The folds on the shirt, oh my, such great reference * 3*. The size difference game is so strong here, haah. The expressiveness of the poses is just oooohhhh. Damien’s lips parted in surprise <3, hands halted mid-motion. Ori doing a great job combining Erwin’s passion and tenderness, mouth hungry on Damien’s head and hands soft on his hips. And the whole shot looks so intimate and sincere. I’m delighted I could inspire this. And very, very touched :’ ). You two are pure love!



ERURI Fanart Appreciation Week Vol.2 - Aileine


Erwin Smith: Borivoje Naumovski [WorldCosplay]
Levi Ackerman: Damien Valtiel [WorldCosplay]

Photo: Mistiqarts [WorldCosplay]
Editing: AVATAR.designs

Does it come as a surprise that we kick off this week with a silly little fanart by one of our favourites?

Aileine, you’re a true inspiration to any hardcore ERURI fan, let alone cosplayers who are into yaoi and ERURI. Keep bringing tears to our eyes, whether it’s from joy or heart-wrenching stories of our two favourite SNK lovers. <3

3DMG: Stefan Vujčić, Plameni DarkArmoury, The Forge.rs

My internet at last lets me reblog it and AAAAAAAA, GYAHAHAHAHA, oh everything good, you two are SO ADORABLE!! You make this little lovers’ quarrel both funny AND HOT. And omg, the way you edited it to match my panel style, argh, it’s so flattering >X ). Thank you so much for this surprise, guys! I’m so glad we’re in the same fandom!~